• Did you know that an increase in physical activity has a positive correlation with productivity in the workplace?
  • Do you feel that you have a good balance between your work/career and your fitness lifestyle?
  • Studies have proven that the fitter you are, the more efficient you can be at work. Read more at our blog.

We believe that fitness can improve productivity, morale and team dynamics in the workplace. Through the promotion of healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle choices, our corporate retreat program can demonstrate how this can be achieved.

If you are an employer or manager looking for a unique team building activity, we can tailor a fitness lifestyle retreat to meet your goals and requirements, group size, fitness levels and interests.

Through the Tengeri philosophy, our corporate retreats build skills and competencies such as teamwork, leadership and problem solving, as well as build a greater awareness of how healthy and active lifestyles can enhance productivity in the workplace.

Email us today with a brief outline of your group and requirements and we would be happy to provide some retreat program options for your consideration. Email or fill out our bookings form.